Mission Statement

The mission of the Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice Administration Program is to prepare students for careers in the criminal justice system, and provide academic awareness and empowerment of students toward their future career goals. Program emphasis is placed on due process, civil rights, community relations, and the concepts and application of criminal law. The ADMJ/CJA program is an interdisciplinary program of study with rigorous standards that provide an academic and theoretical foundation, technical expertise, communications ability, community-centric criminal justice policy, and reinforces a commitment to lifelong learning that enables students to use research and think critically in their chosen career field and as more engaged citizens of their communities.


Administration of Justice Program

Taft College’s Administration of Justice Program focuses on the diverse institutions of the criminal justice system including local and federal law enforcement operations, corrections and rehabilitation, and the court system. Various courses focus on the diverse aspects of the criminal justice system including criminal law, investigations, law enforcement and correctional procedures, evidence, forensics, and criminal justice communication and leadership.

Throughout the program you will gain insight into the Constitutional foundation for the criminal justice system, history of law enforcement, courts, and corrections, and the evolution of policing in society. Additional elective courses can provide you with new knowledge focusing on law enforcement, investigations, forensics, corrections, or probation.

Upon successful completion of an Administration of Justice or Criminal Justice Administration degree you will have an understanding of the dimensions of the criminal justice system, and a practical knowledge of current practices in your chosen field. Degrees and certificates are awarded to those who complete the required courses along with all requirements for an associate degree.