A Career in the Criminal Justice System

A career in the criminal justice system is more than a stable job, good benefits, and a decent paycheck. It is the one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions you will ever make. As a member of the various professions in the criminal justice system you will follow your passion to help others, prevent and solve crimes, protect the innocent, and be on the forefront of important social changes. Your career in the criminal justice system requires a strong character, leadership, ethics, intelligence, persistence, and the ability to adapt to changing situations, frequent challenges, and a capability to seek solutions to the myriad of community problems you will encounter during your career.

Your choice to pursue a position in law enforcement, corrections, probation, or the courts requires diligence, self-management, and the desire to serve others in your community. Just as important, is the understanding and need for planning for your chosen career that will be devoted to ongoing training, additional academic education, and gaining the diverse and dynamic experiences that will benefit you throughout your career. The instructors at Taft College’s Administration of Justice Program provide relevant, quality instruction with real life criminal justice experience and every instructor is dedicated to each student’s success. Taft College’s small classes, dedicated support staff, and the collegiate community provide the foundation for our college community’s shared desire to provide students with the intellectual tools necessary to be successful throughout their chosen career.

Our instructors are current and former professionals in the criminal justice industry, who provide expertise and help to students to find employment in their chosen profession. Students may also seek other services from the Taft College Career Center. Additionally, some helpful websites have been added to help job-seekers enter into the criminal justice workforce.