Faculty, Program Lead
Michael Jiles, MPA, PhD
Professor, Administration of Justice

I have been in public service for more than 20-years, starting when I was 12-years old as a volunteer for a local police department, and in that time I have worked in protection, law enforcement, emergency management, and regulatory enforcement professions. I have also been a private consultant working with hundreds of local and county governments by providing training and programs/policies that provide transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government service. In May 2019, I completed my PhD in Organizational Leadership, with my research focus for my dissertation on police use-of-force and the general aggression theory. I earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2013, and a Bachelor’s in Business and Public Administration in 2011. My hardest time in college was when I earned my Associate’s degree in Business, so I understand and share your struggles. As your instructor, it is my intention to facilitate your education, help you succeed, and show you important concepts needed to make your way in your future. My task is not to change your beliefs, nor to engage in partisan political discourse, but rather to train you how to be a leader.

Adjunct Faculty

Gregg Batchelor

I have been involved in law enforcement for 30 years. My career began in 1986 with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department before moving to the Bakersfield Police Department in 1993. While working a variety of assignments at both agencies my primary focus was serving in uniformed field operations. I continue to work in the criminal justice field as a California P.O.S.T. Background Investigator for a private firm. I continue to be involved in the criminal justice system as a California POST Background Investigator and as a volunteer with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. I aim to teach the knowledge and competencies needed and gained through higher education that are essential for the efficient and effective performance of individuals involved in the criminal justice system. As a Sergeant with the Bakersfield Police Department, I stressed the importance of constant education for my officers and encourage those interested in the field to investigate opportunities available with Taft College and its Criminal Justice Program. As an Instructor at Taft College, it is my goal to build a strong foundation so you can achieve a successful career in the criminal justice field now and long into your future.


Tabitha Raber

I have resided in Kern County all of my life. I graduated from South High School and entered CSUB in the 90’s. I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Criminal Justice in 1996. In 1995, I started my career with the Kern County Probation Department as a Juvenile Correctional Counselor and was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer in 1998. I am currently a Senior Officer and supervise Adult felons in the community. Besides being a full time Probation Officer, I have participated in the training of officers in my department in the CORE training program. The CORE training takes several months and includes both classroom education, physical training, firearms training, simunitions and defensive tactics depending on an officer’s assignment. I have also taught at San Joaquin Community College teaching Administration of Justice. I find it very rewarding to teach new students. My real world experience in the criminal justice system, along with my education allows me to bring vital information to my students in an exciting and practical manner. I encourage student participation and active learning to understand the criminal justice system. I look forward to teaching to teaching our students at Taft College!

J Wessely

Jason Wessely

As an ADMJ adjunct professor, I hope to help develop and influence our future law-enforcement members in a way that helps better serve the ever evolving needs of our communities.  I completed an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice through an online program at West Hills Community College and I am currently pursuing a BA in Political Science.  I’ve been in law enforcement since joining a police explorer program as a young teen, and have spent more than 15 years serving as a police officer. Currently, I’m a Detective with the state of California, for the Enforcement Branch of the Department of Insurance. As an instructor, it is my foremost goal to ensure that our students succeed, and are prepared for their future.

Dave Wymore

I have served the people of California for 30 years, as a field officer, field supervisor, culminating with the position of Area Commander for the California Highway Patrol. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice. My college process started at the same place as Taft students; a local community college. I understand the challenges of pursuing academic fulfillment and balancing the rigors of life. As an instructor, my goal is to provide practical experiences to assist students with learning. I firmly believe the education process works best when ideas, opinions, and thoughts are freely explored, especially those in which we may disagree. Understanding how to manage differences is critical for any person considering an Administration of Justice career. I encourage open and non-judgmental discussion and my goal is to help our students facilitate independent thought and expand critical thinking.







Dr. Reginald Clemons

I believe we need to help one another, and it is for this reason I have helped many people in the last thirty plus years. While attending high school, I worked at a Marriott Hotel as a short order cook until I entered the military, where I traveled abroad and eventually discharged as an honorable veteran. At Southwest Community College I received an Associate of Arts degree (AA), and worked at Westside Jewish Community Center as a children’s counselor. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) from Loyola Marymount University, and worked for Los Angeles County Social Services as an Eligibility Worker 2, but soon I joined the Los Angeles County Probation Department as a Detention Service Officer, and later a Deputy Probation Officer 2, until retirement in 2006. I obtained a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a Doctorate Degree (EdD) from the University of La Verne in Organizational Leadership and in 2016, I earned another Master’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. For me, students are a precious resource to our society. As an instructor, it is my obligation to provide you with life skills you need to succeed. I have traveled the same academic paths, and I hope that I can be instrumental in helping you to appreciate this journey and succeed at your goals.

Kevin Altenhofel

I began my law enforcement career after 9/11 because I was too old to join the military (and because I was getting laid off from my cushy IT job). I completed the Bakersfield Police Department’s Police Academy and worked for BPD for a short time before obtaining a position with the Taft Police Department. I retired from Taft PD in 2018 and I am now the Director of Campus Safety & Security at Taft College, along with being an adjunct instructor. My goal is to help students succeed here at Taft College and long into the future.