Graduation Board

The mission of the Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice Administration Program is to prepare students for careers in the criminal justice system, and provide academic awareness and empowerment of students toward their future career goals. Program emphasis is placed on due process, civil rights, community relations, and the concepts and application of criminal law. The ADMJ/CJA program is an interdisciplinary program of study with rigorous standards that provide an academic and theoretical foundation, technical expertise, communications ability, community-centric criminal justice policy, and reinforces a commitment to lifelong learning that enables students to use research and think critically in their chosen career field and as more engaged citizens of their communities.

Taft College currently has three academic degrees and one certificate:

Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T)

Criminal Justice Administration – Associate of Science

Criminal Justice Administration – Associate of Science in Corrections

Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration – Corrections



Taft College Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

I – Ethics and Professionalism

Distinguish between ethical behavior and professional standards that influence personal decisions and promote honesty, integrity, concepts of social justice, and the influence of leadership in a criminal justice career.

II – Discipline Specific Content

Demonstrate and evaluate discipline specific knowledge including differentiating between diverse course content including criminal law, policing, corrections, investigations, and the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the criminal justice system.

III – Communications and Technology

Employ the use of technology to access, organize, and communicate information and distinguish valid sources, data, and evidence in the social sciences. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively according to industry standards.

IV – Civic Engagement

Cooperate with professionals in the criminal justice system, recognize the roles and responsibilities of members of the criminal justice system, and apply an understanding of industry best practices and the personal commitment required for public service.