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Institutional Research Mission Statement

The Taft College Institutional Assessment, Research and Planning Office promotes student success and institutional effectiveness by (1) providing to the college community access to accurate, timely and relevant information and associated analysis for decision making; (2)facilitating the program review process; (3) supporting strategic planning; and (4) guiding the accreditation self evaluation process and other accreditation functions. The IAR&P Office also monitors compliance with accreditation standards, informs the Taft College community of potential deviations from compliance, and acts as liaison between the College and the Accrediting Commission.

The IAR&P Office achieves its mission by identifying, collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting by a variety of methods research results and other information essential to program review and planning, institutional strategic planning, policy formulation, resource allocation, assessment results, and institutional effectiveness. In addition, the IAR&P Office continuously monitors the college environment and takes action when the College deviates from accreditation standards.

We value integrity in every aspect of IAR&P operations: the processes in which we participate, the data we process and analyze, and the reports we produce.

IR Staff

Xioaohong Li, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Planning
Brandy Young, Senior Research Assistant

Contact Us

Phone: (661) 763-7944
Address: Taft College Institutional Research Office
29 Cougar Ct
Taft CA 93268
E-Mail: ir@taftcollege.edu


If you have any questions about or suggestions to improve the Taft College IAR&P website, please contact us at ir@taftcollege.edu or by calling (661) 763-7944.