Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Goals

In 2013/14, legislation established a new system of indicators and goals to encourage improvement in institutional effectiveness at California community colleges. Education code 84754.6 stipulates that, as a condition of receipt of Student Success and Support Program funds, each college develop, adopt and post a goals framework that address four areas:

  1. Student Performance and Outcomes,
  2. Accreditation Status,
  3. Fiscal Viability, and
  4. Programmatic Compliance with State and Federal Guidelines.

In 2016, a fifth area was added: E. College Choice.

For the third year of the initiative in 2017, the Chancellor’s Office is requiring all California Community Colleges to submit data on several indicators. Taft College, after reviewing the historical data, has adopted the Third Year (2017) framework of indicators approved by the Board of Governors and, through the Strategic Planning Committee, has established eight third year goals as follows:

Area Indicator 1 Year Goal 6 Year Goal
A. Student Performance and Outcomes 1. Math Remedial Rate 40.0% 42.0%
2. Successful Course Completion 77.7% 79.7%
B. Accreditation Status 3. Accreditation Status Fully Reaccredited Fully Reaccredited
C. Fiscal Viability 4. Fund Balance 25% 25%
D. Compliance w/ State & Federal Guidelines 5. Audit Findings: State Compliance Yes Yes
6. Audit Findings: Audit Opinion Financial Statement Yes Yes
7. Audit Findings: Federal Award/Compliance Yes Yes
E. College Choice 8. English Remedial Rate 48.0% 50.2%

These goals were approved by Taft College on May 25, 2017.