Substantive Change

Taft College tracks its Substantive Change Proposals on this page. Here, you will find information on how to identify a potential substantive change and initiate the process for submitting a Substantive Change Proposal. If you have any questions, you can contact the Accreditation Liaison Officer at (661) 763-7944.

Initiating the Substantive Change Process

A Substantive Change Proposal is initiated by the submission from the Accreditation Liaison Officer to the ACCJC of a “Step 1 Form” which briefly describes the nature of the potential substantive change. If a full report is required, the ACCJC will inform the College with a memo. The full report is then completed using the criteria described in the Substantive Change Manual and submitted to the ACCJC, which in turn accepts the completed report. The process can be initiated by anyone who suspects a Substantive Change Proposal may be required.

  1. Do you think a Substantive Change Proposal may be required? Use this checklist to determine whether a Substantive Change Proposal may be required.
  2. Based on the results from the checklist, do you believe a Substantive Change Proposal may be required? If yes, fill out a “Step 1 Form” and send it to Xiaohong Li, who will send it to the ACCJC to find out for sure.

Tracking Substantive Change Submissions

The following table tracks the submission of Substantive Change Proposals to the ACCJC:

Step 1 Forms Substantive Change Report
Form Submitted Report Required? Submitted Accepted
Golf Program July 2016 No N/A N/A
English AA Degree Termination May 2016 No N/A N/A
Auto Program Termination December 2015 No N/A N/A
New Welding Facilities June 2015 Yes September 19 2016 Yes
Correspondence Education June 2015 Yes May 10 2016 Yes
Distance Learning August 2015 Yes May 10 2016 Yes

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