Helpful Websites

Here is a list of external sites you may find helpful in your career as a college student.
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All courses

10 Fast Fingers – Helps students improve their typing skills

Canvas -Website log in for online classes

Khan Academy – Provides students with tools necessary to improve math, science, economics, finance, and humanities skills

Pearson MyLab Login (Also called MyMathLab) – Used for classes

Taft College Library Databases – helps students find research articles

Top 10 Tips for Success – Provides students with tips on how to succeed in college

Quizlet – Study tools for many classes, which includes flashcards, tests, and studying games

Study Blue – Similar to Quizlet; provides digital notecards for anything ranging from Algebra to Zoology

Study Guides and Strategies – Provides study guides and help for those with different learning styles

EdX – offers free online courses

Excel Easy – offers a fully illustrated Excel tutorial with 300 examples

English links

APA Style Tutorial – Helps with APA format

Avoiding Plagiarism – Provides tips for how to avoid plagiarism

FANBOYS Usage – Provides help on using FANBOYS in sentences

GCF Learn Free – Helps ESL students learn English and basic computer skills

Grammar Book – Another helpful website that helps students improve writing skills

Grammar Bytes – Provides students with interactive grammar quizzes

Grammar Monster – Helps with writing skills

Guide to Grammar and Writing – Very helpful website that can help students improve entire writing process

Effortless English Club – Hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts

Talk English – Offers 30 lessons on the principles of grammar

Minnesota Literacy Council – provides literary services to adults/kids

OWL – Online Writing Lab – Service provided by Taft College English teachers; provides guidelines for writing

PURDUE ONLINE WRITING LAB (OWL) – Helps students with MLA & APA format

Math links

Interact Math – Similar to MyMathLab; provides math questions and answers in same format as MyMathLab