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Tutor Subject List

Mission Statement

To provide Taft College students learning assistance and academic support to increase student success, retention, and metacognition through a collaborative environment that emphasizes personal responsibility to become better learners and gain the confidence and skills necessary to achieve their greatest possible academic success.

Program Description

Taft College tutoring services are provided in the library. Taft College tutoring services are provided by well-qualified tutors, who have the education and experience to work with the diverse student population. Services are also provided by student tutors who have been identified and recommended by instructors in different disciplines. Student tutors have the knowledge and skills to guide other students. They work under the supervision of Tutors and SI’s to provide the best services for students to succeed. Tutoring is offered in multiple subjects. The tutors help students through dedicated one-on-one or one-on-two appointments. Tutors work with students in understanding concepts and/or processes and improving the application of skills. This is done by following the tutoring cycle and using discussion and examples. The tutor and student determine what they will focus on throughout the appointment and how to work on it. Towards the end of the appointment, students are asked to demonstrate and explain what they have gained as a result of the tutoring appointment.

Evidence of Success

According to a national study done by the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (2012), “Studies suggest that participation in tutoring is associated with higher GPAs and pass rates. For many colleges, the good news is that tutoring can be offered in multiple ways and provide a range of benefits in terms of student engagement. For example, group tutoring can build relationships among students; one-on-one tutoring often serves both tutor and tutee; and technology-enhanced tutoring can maximize resources by focusing assistance where it’s needed while helping to build students’ engagement with the subject matter itself” (CCSSE, 2012, p. 23). This study proves that students’ use of tutoring services correlates with higher grades and higher GPAs.