About Our Student Tutors

Summer Tutors:

 Emily Oliver-  18 years old, majoring in mathematics with the goal of teaching at either the high school or junior college level. I tutor in calculus 3 and lower, excluding statistics. One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is crocheting, I really enjoy making hats 🙂

Arthur Lehman- 20 years old, resident of Taft, California. He is currently an engineer major, but is interested in chemistry and biology as well. He will be taking those classes soon. Arthur enjoys hiking and being outdoors and also enjoys helping people with math.

Kajol Singh-

Fall Tutors:

Kaylyn  is 18 years old and a freshman at Taft College. Planning on majoring in clinical nutrition and transferring to UC Davis to participate in their nutrition program. She is a tutor for Stats 1510 and can help with basic levels of math also.

Tanner Melton- is 20 years old, his major is liberal arts in math and science, and will be transferring to CSUB after  he graduates. He is a tutor of English.

Jacob Wise (Orion)– 28 years old,  English major and English tutor. I’m a published poet and an aspiring writer, but my educational path is taking me towards teaching–I need to do something while I’m working on that novel, lol. I’m a father to a beautiful seven year old girl and the Editor-in-Chief of A Sharp Piece of Awesome–the Literary Magazine Club here at TC.

Ethan Morris-

Franky Camacho-

Taryn Yochum-

Allison Mizner-

Saul Garcia-

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