About Our Student Tutors

Student  Tutors:

Writing, Math
I enjoy reading books. I also enjoy helping others and doing everything in my ability to make people feel both comfortable and understood. I am excited to work with the new and returning tutors. Sidenote: Orion thinks he is Lori’s favorite, but I beg to differ..

I am nineteen years old and a tutor for English 1500 and below. This is my first year at Taft College. I plan on transferring to CSUB after I graduate. I am a psychology major and hope to become a counselor one day. Some of my interests include reading, traveling, and baking.

Writing, STATS1510
I am from Fullerton, California and moved to Bakersfield when I was three years old. I have lived there ever since. I graduated from high school in 2017 and started at Taft College last year. My major right now is English, but I’m planning to change it. I like to swim and write stories in my spare time. My goal is to become a speech therapist.

Math, Biology
I enjoy cooking and dancing in my free time. I am majoring in computer engineering. I moonlight at my family restaurant as a waiter occasionally, so I’m always in the mood to help.

I am from Utah. I really enjoy sports and the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activity is boating. I came to Taft to play baseball. I am in my second year here at Taft. My major is business administration and I am minoring in Spanish. In the future I am thinking about changing my major to something in the medical field. I tutor for Stats 1510 and Finite Math.

I am twenty-four years old and was born and raised in Bakersfield California. I graduated from Bakersfield High school in 2012. I am a freshman at Taft College. My major is Business Administration for transfer with a focus in Accounting. I plan on transferring to CSUB to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. I am tutoring in the Writing and Language Lab. I have taken Composition and Reading (English 1500- 28), History of the United States to 1877 (HIST 2231- 23), and Principles of Healthful Living (HLED 1510-20).


I am a Dental Hygiene major. I attended high school at Kern Valley High. This will be my second year at Taft College. Furthering my education has always been important to me, and I enjoy helping others along in their college success. I am a passionate, disciplined, and organized student who is always willing to work in teams or support others who need help to succeed in their courses. My subjects are English 1500 and below, as well as academic writing in all subjects.