About Our Student Tutors

Bryce Carlon is 20 and a sophomore at Taft College. He plans on teaching high school after he graduates. He loves to read and he is an English major. He tutors in English and Math, however feels that he is better at English.

Esmeralda Perez Garcia recently started working in the Math Lab. This is her second year at Taft College where she is majoring in dental hygiene. She chose to tutor students because it is a “Great way to help those who are struggling in a subject in school that I have already mastered,” Esmeralda said. A lot of people think Math is a daunting subject, but in reality, she feels math is pretty straightforward. She wants to help people understand that math is not as difficult as people have been led to believe and that anyone can find the solution to the problem they have been dealt. Esmeralda’s goals regarding tutoring are helping as many people as she can in a friendly and understanding manner. Esmeralda tutors up to MATH 1060.

Nashel Tena – Coming soon!

Wesley Baker – Coming soon!