About Our Student Tutors

Summer Tutors:

 Emily Oliver-  18 years old, majoring in mathematics with the goal of teaching at either the high school or junior college level. I tutor in calculus 3 and lower, excluding statistics. One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is crocheting, I really enjoy making hats 🙂

Jacob Wise (Orion)– 28 years old,  English major and English tutor. I’m a published poet and an aspiring writer, but my educational path is taking me towards teaching–I need to do something while I’m working on that novel, lol. I’m a father to a beautiful seven year old girl and the Editor-in-Chief of A Sharp Piece of Awesome–the Literary Magazine Club here at TC.

Arthur Lehman-



Fall Tutors:

Kaylyn  is 18 years old and a freshman at Taft College. Planning on majoring in clinical nutrition and transferring to UC Davis to participate in their nutrition program. She is a tutor for Stats 1510 and can help with basic levels of math also.

Tanner Melton- I am 20 years old, my major is liberal arts in math and science, and I am transferring to CSUB after I graduate. I am a tutor of English.


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