About Our Student Tutors

Student  Tutors:

Lynnsey Ward
I am 20 years old and a tutor for English 1500 and below. This is my second year at Taft College. I plan on transferring to CSUB after I graduate. I am a psychology major and hope to become a counselor one day. Some of my interests include reading, traveling, and baking.

Ben Boelter
I am from Utah. I really enjoy sports and the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activity is boating. I came to Taft to play baseball. I am in my second year here at Taft. My major is business administration and I am minoring in Spanish. In the future I am thinking about changing my major to something in the medical field. I tutor for Stats 1510 and Finite Math.

Rockland Kirk-You can call me Rocky. I am pursuing a degree in physics. I’m looking forward to helping everyone in algebra and calculus. On my free time I enjoy video games and going to the gym.

Moises B. Fuentes– I also go by Ben whenever people ask how they prefer to pronounce my name! I am currently a Computer Science major, but I also am planning on possibly doubling in Electrical Engineering. My hobbies consist of playing guitar, PC video games, and longboarding on the rare occasion I get out of room.

Cameron Metas-I am currently enrolled in the engineering program here at Taft, and, upon completion of said program, I intend to transfer to get my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. I am tutoring math through Pre-Calculus. In my free time, I like to listen to music and write creatively. My main goal as a tutor is to help math students to the fullest extent of my ability.

Noah Thorpe-I am a 3rd year college student studying computer science, and I plan on transferring to Cal State Bakersfield. I’m from Bakersfield but I have also lived in Washington and Alabama. My hobbies include camping, tennis, and board games. I tutor Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and Calculus 1.

Heather Hansen – I am a psychology major at Taft College. Currently I am also a tutor for the Psych 2200 Statistics class. I was excited to take this position at Taft College because my goal is to one day become a psychology professor. I felt as though being a tutor was a great first step into teaching. I have always been a people person, and it has always been my passion to help others in any way that I can.

David Arnold – I am an English major. I enjoy writing in my spare time, specifically about genres like horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I also like to play Dungeons and Dragons when I’m able. Most of the time I spend on campus, when I’m not in class, is spent in the library writing papers, classwork or otherwise.

Tyler Purdy- I am currently an English major. My tutoring focus is also in English. I am a California native, graduate of Stockdale High School, and am on track to graduate at the conclusion of the 2020 spring semester.