About Our Student Tutors


Bryanna is 19 years old and is a freshman at Taft College. She plans on being a surgeon and traveling the world with Doctors Without Borders. She tutors in English, Math, and Spanish.

Bryce is 20 and a sophomore at Taft College. He loves to read and he is an English major.He tutors English exclusively because that is what he plants to be teaching later on in his life.

Kaylyn  is 18 years old and a freshman at Taft College. She is planning on majoring in clinical nutrition and transferring to UC Davis to participate in their nutrition program. She is a tutor for Stats 1510 and can help with basic levels of math also.

Liz G. is 20 years old and a sophomore at Taft College. She is double majoring in mathematics and psychology. Liz will be transferring in Fall of 2017 with hopes of participating in research and/or data analysis in a variety of fields. She is a tutor in the Math Lab for any math up to Calculus 3 and for Statistics.

Nashel is a sophomore at Taft College. She enjoys helping students when it comes to writing. Like many students, she says “I struggled at first with creating essays. However, now that I’ve written my fair share of essays I feel that I can help you with any English writing you may have.”

Paige is a junior at Taft College. She is majoring in Sociology and plans to go into student counseling. She tutors in the math lab for psych stats and basic levels of math.

Parker is a 19 year old sophomore at Taft College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He will be graduating with two associate degrees after Spring 2017 and soon after getting married and transferring to San Diego. He works in the Math Lab and can tutor mathematics up to Calculus 3 (no Statistics), Physics 1, C++, Math Lab, and Autodesk Inventor. Swing by and ask him a question.

Sammy is 25 years old. She has been at Taft College for 3 semesters, she is majoring in Liberal Arts and plans to transfer to CSU Bakersfield. After receiving her degree in Liberal Studies, she wants to become a grade school teacher. Sam tutors: MATH 230, 240, 1050, and 1060, HIST 2270, PHIL 1520, PSYC 2003, HELD 1510, MGMT 1505, and ARTH 1500.