On-Campus Outreach

1st Engineering Class at ETEC 006 The transition from high school can leave even the best of students feeling a little lost. On-campus STEM outreach at Taft College engages the current population of students to pursue STEM paths, four-year degrees, and certificate programs. The community college is a stepping stone to even bigger education goals. The Taft College STEM program can help ease the challenging transition process that many students experience. By continuing to engage students in STEM activities after high school, students continue to see the benefits from STEM programs and may choose to be part of these programs in the future.

The community college is the natural next step for high school seniors entering into higher education. Due to the significantly lower cost, likely proximity to family, and typically smaller class sizes, community college is a great choice for most graduating seniors. The possible setbacks from difficult transitions are kept to a minimum by choosing community college before entering four-year degree programs or certificate programs. Students explore their interests in an environment that encourages self-discovery. Some students enter community college without a clear
vision of their desired future career path. By promoting STEM paths to the students at Taft College, it is possible to increase the number of students in STEM majors thereby increasing the number of people working in STEM fieldsĀ in the future.