Young Innovators Club

Young Innovators Club is an after-school program designed to give students a hands-on approach to STEM through projects and experiences that engage students in the scientific process in exciting ways. The students experience all the features and fun of a club with the rigor and support yic2014001of academic instruction. Topics covered in the Young Innovators Club program include but are not limited to robotics, rockets, and chemistry.The students’ knowledge of STEM is able to grow and so will their enthusiasm for the field as they are exposed to the various possibilities that exist within STEM.

Students involved in the Young Innovators Club receive a special opportunity to explore STEM on their own terms. They are encouraged to explore the areas of STEM that specifically interest them. Because of the smaller group sizes of students in Young Innovators Club, students are able to express their interests with educators and projects can be geared to the specific interests of the students. The ability of students to pursue their areas of interest ensures they remain passionate about STEM. As they explore topics on interest in STEM, they are able to appreciate the scientific process and develop a spirit of curiosity. 129