Video Surveillance Review Request

Taft College employs video surveillance technology to deter crime, promote personal safety, and protect property. See the Taft College Campus Security Cameras Administrative Procedure (PDF) for further information.

To request a review of Taft College video surveillance footage, please complete the Video Review Request Form below. Requests will be reviewed and prioritized, and a member of the Campus Safety & Security team will contact you.

Please note the following:

  • Reviewing video is a time-consuming process, and the Campus Safety & Security Office has limited resources.
  • This is a request for Campus Safety & Security personnel to review video on your behalf.
    • This is not a request for you to view video.
  • In most cases, the requester will receive a written report with the results of the review (rather than a video file).

Video Review Request Form

Use this form to request that Campus Safety & Security personnel review video.

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Define the time (start time and date, end time and date) you want reviewed. Understand that longer time frames take more time to review. VIDEO OLDER THAN 3-4 WEEKS MAY NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW.
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