Taft College Technology Purchase Procedures

In support of the District’s goal of providing the necessary technology for institutional success, this is a reminder of the standing procedures for the purchase and allocation of technology equipment.

IT Purchase Request Form

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  1. All electronics, equipment and other computer related purchases must have prior written approval of the Vice President in Charge of your area.
  2. All purchases must be handled by Information Technology to ensure the best pricing and to make sure the equipment meets District standards.
  3. Equipment purchases above the California Public Contract Code (PCC) limit must comply with the state guidelines for securing competitive bids. The bid limit is set annually each January.  In 2017, the limit is $88,300.
  4. Purchases exceeding $88,300 must be submitted under the RFP process, and follow the district award process with complete documentation – see Taft College Procurement Bid Limit Guidelines and Requirements which is attached to this document.
  5. Appropriate paper work must be sent to Business Office in case of a County Office of Education audit request.
  6. Purchases with contractual agreements must be reviewed and receive board approval prior to a purchase order being placed.
  7. Information Technology purchase request for is to be used and reviewed prior to creating a purchase order.
  8. All Purchases must be delivered to the Information Technology Department for proper inventory recording and tagging.
  9. Information Technology will track the following equipment information:
    • Make, model, and serial number
    • Technical information
    • Designated equipment location and person the equipment will be assigned to
    • If purchased with warranty, Warranty information and warranty expiration date
    • Maintenance and license information
  10. Once received and entered into the Inventory System, the Information Technology Department will disseminate equipment in a timely manner.
  11. All equipment being submitted for repairs will be entered into the service request system, issued a work order and when completed, be returned to the appropriate person.
  12. Prior to the end of each school year issued equipment must be inspected for regular updates, replacement of inventory tag and any maintenance service if needed.
  13. Damaged or lost equipment must be reported to the IT department by the next available business day. Appropriate personnel will be notified of the loss or cost.


Taft College Technology Purchase Procedures 7/13/2017