Banner 9 Self-Service Upgrade

Banner 9 Self-Service Upgrade


Welcome to the Banner 9 Self-Service Upgrade page.

Taft College will be moving to Banner 9 SSB. This page contains an overview of the rollout process including a timeline, some frequently asked questions and other resources. Please check back for regular updates.

Banner 9 Self Service Logo


This area will contain an overview of the process, why we’re upgrading etc.

As Taft College evolves to better serve our students, faculty, and staff, our technology drives new efficiencies by being sustainable and provides an enhanced overall experience. Upgrading Banner Self-Service 9 provides a new and up-to-date look, is compatible with all mobile devices, and significantly improves capabilities across Banner, so faculty and staff can focus on student success.


Below is a timeline of Banner 9 SSB’s rollout over the course of the coming year.

Banner 9 SSB Timeline0

Banner 9 SSB Upgrade announcement
Preparing Banner 9 SSB upgrade training.
By April 15
Banner 9 SSB Test environment. Testing Group members start to test it.


Narrative about the training.


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Frequently asked questions & training material.

Why are we upgrading to Banner 9 SSB?

  • Support for Banner 8 had been terminated as of January 2019.
  • The problems with browser compatibility have become increasingly difficult and have required us to take action.
  • Mitigate security risks: Using SSO login credentials on any device, in any web browser, without risking security.
  • Improve accessibility

What’s new in Banner Self-Service (BSS) 9?

  • Reorganization of the Banner Self-Service Administrative menu.
  • Will use SSO – MyTC to login BSS 9. No need for the Cougar Tracks A number and pin.
  • The Application Navigator provides a single web page to access both the forms (now pages) and self-service menus. Clicking the menu icon in the upper left or pressing Ctrl + M (Windows) or Control + M (Macintosh) will bring up links to all the Banner menus.
  • Advising Student Profile now consolidates a student’s profile, education, and career path on a single page. It is newly accessible to advisors and students, allowing for truly personalized advice that helps students make better academic decisions.
  • Enable mobile capability
    • Registration: A mobile-friendly design to make registration easier than ever for students, advisors, and administrators to use.
    • Faculty Grade Entry now offers faculty members mobile capability for entering assignment grades and posting midterm, final, and incomplete grades. The application can then automatically compute a final grade.

Will BSS 8 be turned off immediately after BSS 9 goes live in production?

No, the plan is to have both BSS 8 & 9 in live in Fall 2022. We anticipate turning off BSS 8 at the end of December 2022

Will there be training on BSS 9?

  • The training materials will be posted on the ITS website under Banner Self Service 9 Upgrade.
  • Faculty will be offered specific training at the beginning of Fall 2022 inservice week. Please watch for the Banner Self Service 9 training on the inservice week schedule. .
  • More training material coming soon.

Will I use the same credentials to log into MyTC (SSO)

Yes, you will use your SSO MyTC username and password.

How do I resize a page in Banner 9?

You can use the CTL+ to increase the size and CTL- to decrease the size.