Phish Bowl

Phish Bowl
Have you received a suspicious email? Check the list below of known phishing emails to see if you may have received one of the known phishing emails ITS has collected.

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If the email is not on this list, do not assume it is safe!

phishy email
Dated Phish Subject Description
02/01/2023 Thank You For Your Order DT-1213 Fake Geeksquad "subscription" notice.
01/27/2023 FW:RE:Due_INV#07841 January 2023 .html attachment
01/24/2023 Re: Hello Mallori Note the Gmail address & the request for personal cellphone number.
01/13/2023 Task Fake email, note the email address next to the name. This is not a Taft college email address.
01/04/2023 DIRECT DEPOSIT UPDATE REQUEST Fake direct deposit update request.
12/16/2022 Direct Deposit Update Request An "employee", opens their own bank and wants to change the location of their direct deposit. Note the grammatical errors.
12/09/2022 EMAIL: Mailbox Expiry Warning – Friday, December 9, 2022 Fake Microsoft Outlook password expiration notice.
12/04/2022 Hello Sharyn, Phishing email designed to gain cellular phone number.
11/10/2022 Update DD. A new, slightly different direct deposit scam.
11/08/2022 PersonalInfo approved: 08-09-2022 Email phishing for personal information.
11/01/2022 Update Direct Deposit Fake Direct Deposit Request.
10/09/2022 October 09, 2022, 07:51 AM HDT Fake Xerox scan notification with malicious PDF attached.
10/04/2022 Email Validation:sgroveman Fake phishing notice: Phishers are aware of our attempts to protect our users against phishing attacks and will use it as an excuse to attempt to trick you into giving them information. IT will NEVER send you and email asking you to confirm your username or password.
10/03/2022 Craig Farmer shared "04[00004#]Farmer_Curtis_LL_0404444040®_Dictation_Settlement_Compliant_Mon_Oct_03_2022_07_54_00_PDFx.pdf" with you Fake document share /w malicious link.
10/03/2022 Undeliverable: VoiceNote Transcription Message – October 03,2022 Fake undeliverable voicemail with likely malicious attachment.
09/26/2022 Virtual Tuttors Still w…. Request for travel arrangements with likely malicious link to odd website.
09/21/2022 Xerox Scan image from MTC-A10:00 PM381 Fake Xerox scan notification.
09/20/2022 ATTENTION : NOTICE AGAINST YOUR UNPAID DUES Fake Cash Advance Debt notice
09/15/2022 ☎ Missed VN Calls 0:56 secs on Thur, Sept 15 Fake Voicemail notification with likely malicious attachment.
09/15/2022 Geek squad order has been confirmed#8787-JDDD-9822 Fake Geeksquad order confirmation, sent as image, payload is relying on the victim to call the number in the image.
08/26/2022 Re: Your invoice is attached. Fake invoice, using "re" to appear as though it's a continuation of a current conversation. Contained a malicious attachment.
08/25/2022 membership plan automatically updates for the month Fake Membership update with 1 word body.
08/23/2022 23 August, 2022 Contained Malicious Link about fake Voice Mail
08/22/2022 [HardRock Invoice#1271833 17] Thanks for your order, tax invoice issued for goods dipatched This is a fake invoice notification. Note the misspellings and mismatch between the company names in the subject and the email body.
08/22/2022 Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office Fake email from Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office. It has a button that links to a probably malicious document.
08/17/2022 H71236-GH2/Invoice Report — Wednesday 17th, 2022. Fake invoice with malicious attachment. This particular phishing email uses a lot of seemingly randomly generated numbers and letters to appear as though it was an auto generated email from a legitimate source.
08/15/2022 Invoices-Rec’d – EFT Remittance 8/15/202210:31:07 PM This email shows the recipient that they have a new document for them to view.
08/12/2022 Invoice Request From Nichols Engineering PLLC This email only has an attachment with a brief description of “Please find attached”
05/03/2022 FW: Invoice #15427 Email contains no wording in the body of the email. Just the attachment.
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